We are working with companies who want to improve their bottom line by achieving excellence through compliance and management systems. We are uniquely qualified in international maritime safety, security and environmental management and compliance. We work to make sure your commercial activities on the water comply with the current maritime rules and regulations.

We can produce bespoke Quality / Safety / Environmental Management Systems tailored to your needs and undertake both ship and office audits to assist in maintaining your compliance with International Standards. We can also review and work to simplify your existing Safety Management System and provide guidance and advice in respect of annual reviews and /or system revisions.

Auditing Solutions

We are highly experienced in undertaking auditing, in every form, that can identify opportunities to improve and streamline process, reduce risk as well as increase safety and profitability.

Management Assessment

Continuous improvement of Ship Management Systems supported through developed phased improvements, determined from self-assessment and audit results. Companies are encouraged to perform regular self-assessment reviews and compare results against standardized key performance indicators to implement improvement plans. Companies then must align their policies and procedures with industry best practices to achieve performance improvement alongside high standards of safety and pollution prevention.

Quality Assurance

We can help you fill the gaps and assist you to develop your strategy. Our approach is to develop a customized service with the client that encompasses their specific needs for a certain type of vessel or operation on the basis of the outcomes of a risk assessment. We use the experience of our work in order to allow clients to focus on those items which present the highest risk of failure.

Measurement & Analytics

There is increasing pressure on shipping companies to ensure safety compliance and asses their safety management systems against key performance indicators. Through our services we can verify how well the safety management system is adhering to industry best practice guidelines and to measure how well the system is performing overall, along with the connected vessels and shore support offices, and to analyze its effectiveness.

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